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A little bit of Paris on Egertorget!
Even if Karl Johan isn't exactly Champs Elysée and Egertorget hardly Place d'Etoile, we would still like to provide you, our guests, with a good brasserie feeling. Perhaps you can relive memories of Paris over a glass of pastis. Irrespedtive of memories, a visit to Brasserie France is far cheaper than a trip to France and takes much less time. Popular, lively and French!
Brasserie France has both old and new eras, with the former naturally being the best-known. The d'Artagnan Restaurant opened in 1979 and grew from modest beginnings to become a major name with a star i Guide Michelin. A Touch of France began business in 1991 and was modeled on Brasserie Pyrenéen in Toulouse. 

The new era started in 2005 when both restaurants become Brasserie France. Our aim has been to refine the original idea and make the Brasserie more like what we chefs regard as the real thing in France - the type of place we personally have missed in Oslo! It should be natural to come to us, whether for a light saturday lunch, a drink and a bite after work, a full-course dinner or just an onion soup following a movie or theater visit. Brasserie France should be a place where you know what to expect and which is nearly always open.

For groups 
For groups exceeding 8 persons, we recommend that you choose your dishes when you book the table. We have many menu alternatives to help us provide you with the best possible evening out. Take a look at our chambre separée at 1., 2. or 3. floor.

Chambre separée
There are many rooms in our restaurant house! And all have their own character. At street level, we have our popular French brasserie. Guests have said that a cheaper and quicker charter trip to France doesn't exist. If you seek  a brasserie milieu, but are a group of up to 24 persons, you can book one of our rooms at first or third floor. First floor contains both chambre separée and smaller tables in the same style as ground floor. Our second floor accommodates up to 50 guests. Irrespective of group's size, we provide the right setting in the right room.

Welcome to our French restaurant house!

Brasserie France is closed from 22nd of December until 1st of January.